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Advertising is the first internet site devoted to helping people express themselves in their everyday personal relationships. We have thousands of prepared video messages that say everything from ďget lostĒ to ďI want you bad!Ē We use only professional actors to authentically convey any of your deepest thoughts, feelings and emotions. The video library is filled with messages that people ordinarily have difficulty expressing in their life either because they involve deep emotions, honesty or because they are confrontational in nature. For these reasons, many visitors choose to send messages anonymously.

The way it works is simple. You search through our library of video messages using our search tools to find the message that suits you. A picture of the actor appears next to the message text in the search results. You then select the message you want and add any optional notes that will be displayed under the video when itís received. Then you enter the e-mail address of the receiver. And thatís it! will send an email to the receiver saying that someone has sent them a personal video message. The receiver would click on our web site address located in the email message and connect directly to our site. Only the person that actually received the email message will be allowed to play the message.

If you choose to send your message anonymously, we guarantee that no one will find out who you are. So feel free to say whatís on your mind. Itís free, itís fun and easy to use so use it as often as you like. recomends 4.0 or higher browsers and also the latest streaming video technology. You can use these links to download your choice of programs.
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