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"Jealously is like salt on a steak. All you need is a little bit of it!"

"A photographer once told me my two best points are between my neck and my..."

"I don't mind this being a man's world, as long as I can be a woman in it!"

"I don't want to marry you for your money, I want to marry you for your..."

"Someone thought you'd like a little eye-candy!"

"So, you're thinking about retiring, huh? Did you hear about the Flasher..."

"Do you know why men are like lawnmowers? Because they're hard to get..."

"I heard that your acne problem is so bad that even your dog calls you spot!"

"Do you know what the definition of a singles bar is? It's where girls look..."

"Do you know what a lawyer and sperm have in common? They both have one in..."
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